1. Impromptu portrait of Tenzin

    28 Apr 2022
    With my friend Tenzin Rigdin.

  2. Impromptu portrait of Joel

    21 Apr 2022
    With Buzzi on the AM dog walk. Shot on 35mm film.

  3. Portrait session with Carter McLean

    25 Mar 2022
    It was a great thrill to photograph the drummer Carter McLean before, during and after his drum clinic at Nod Hill Brewery in Ridgefield, Ct. Images taken on film and digital.

  4. Portrait session with Sandy Bailey

    21 Mar 2022
    I had the distinct pleasure to photograph the distinctly awesome singer/songwriter Sandy Bailey in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. These images were shot on film and digital.

  5. Portrait session with Mark Partridge

    01 Mar 2022
    I met Mark Partridge last year (telephonically at least) when he produced a podcast series I was involved with called ‘Your Cancer Story’ (My segment was called ‘Cancer Changes You…..Forevor’.)   Mark is a talented photographer, videographer, musician, and artist as well as my podcast producer, so when the opportunity arose…

  6. Portrait session with Liberty DeVitto

    23 Jan 2022
    Liberty DeVitto was Billy Joel’s longtime drummer, playing with him for 30 years and covering nearly every significant recording of Joel’s career. He is also my dad’s favorite drummer, and one of my first influences when I began playing drums in the early 80’s. I went to see Billy Joel…

  7. Impromptu portrait session with Danny Clinch

    02 Jan 2022
    In all my years of traveling through the state of New Jersey, I had never visited Asbury Park. I was a modest Springsteen fan, but not enough to consider a pilgrimage.  My summers as a child were spent along the shore in Brigantine, but we never travelled very far up…

  8. Portrait session with Deidre Corcoran

    09 Dec 2021
    This was my third portrait session with my friend Deidre Corcoran, a model, photographer, artist, and designer. I adore shooting D, and we have developed a chemistry after a few excellent sessions, either in Western Massachusetts, or recently in Salisbury, Connecticut.

  9. Portrait session with Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer)

    06 Dec 2021
    It was my great pleasure to photograph the wonderful Mister G. (Ben Gundersheimer) on location at his home in Whately, Massachusetts.  Mister G. is a Latin Grammy musician, author, and educator. He has released ten award-winning albums of original music for children and families, including four bilingual (Spanish/English). His 2015…

  10. Portrait session with Joe Henry

    22 Nov 2021
    Joe Henry is a revelation. It was my great pleasure to travel to Portland, Me. where he kindly made some time for me to make some portraits before and during his soundcheck at One Longfellow Square.  Joe Henry is unquestionably one of the major forces in modern American music, even…

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