1. Megan and Joseph get married pt.2, 35mm film shots

    07 Nov 2021
    Pt 2, the film scans From the last post, completely applicable to this one;  I had the distinct pleasure to photograph the wedding of Megan and Joseph on location at The South County Museum in Narragansett, RI.  This was wedding as joyful an occasion as I’ve had the pleasure to

  2. Megan and Joseph get married

    05 Nov 2021
    I had the distinct pleasure to photograph the wedding of Megan and Joseph on location at The South County Museum in Narragansett, RI.  This was wedding as joyful an occasion as I’ve had the pleasure to photograph, easily one of my favorites of all time. It could only have been…

  3. Mister G. (Ben Gundersheimer) at The Common School

    01 Nov 2021
    We met Ben and Katherine at Whetstone Station  during our weekly family night out in Brattleboro, Vt. Whetstone has been our venue of choice as it  has good grub and drinks, outdoor seating with a fabulous view, and close to the mighty  VCP  where we pay Josh a visit before…

  4. Engagement Session with Jordan and Dylan in Thetford, Vermont

    14 Oct 2021
    I had the great pleasure of photographing Jordan and Dylan in and around Thetford, Vermont, including some time on the New Hampshire side of the river. Many thanks to the folks at Long Wind Farm for letting us wander around the property and also for the fabulous tomatoes. In what…

  5. Engagement session with Megan and Joseph in the Pioneer Valley

    04 Oct 2021
    I had a wonderful time with my soon to be wedding clients, Megan and Joseph, on a little engagement shoot out here in the Pioneer Valley today. They were good enough to come out from north central Massachusetts to my neck of the woods, and we had a fine afternoon…

  6. From the vault: Lockdown portraits at the VCP, Spring 2020

    10 Sep 2021
    Some portraits of Josh, Ethan, and Nate, and Rose photographed on film and digital at the VCP during the lockdown last year. 

  7. Daughter series: photos of Amelia in B&W, at or around our home.

    02 Sep 2021
    Some recent photos of my daughter Amelia, shot at and around our home in western Massachusetts. I used an Olympus Pen F with it’s elaborate B&W controls and an inexpensive TT Artisans 50mm F1.2  for a beautiful look, as well as one shot using my Sigma Merrill DP2.  Other blog…

  8. Portrait session with Mike Edison

    03 Aug 2021
    I had the immense  pleasure to photograph author, musician, and raconteur  Mike Edison on location at his home in the pussy-Catskills last week. Mike and his über-talented wife Christine have settled in Sullivan Cty., NY after a lifetime in NYC, and were kind enough to let me come down and…

  9. Maternity session at Blackstone Gorge

    31 May 2021
    I had the pleasure of photographing Whitney and Brandon at the Blackstone Gorge outside Blackstone, Mass. They are expecting their first child in a few months, and while I don’t do many of these jobs, when I do, I like to shoot medium format film. I think everything looks better…

  10. Portrait session with the Katz family, pt 2.

    11 May 2021
    Another round of shots with the lovely (and talented) Katz family of Haydenville, Mass. Shot on film and digital, Stephen and his son Olin have quickly become favorite subjects of mine. For more information on Stephen, go here:   And my earlier session with the Katz family is here.

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