Engagement session with Megan and Joseph in the Pioneer Valley

I had a wonderful time with my soon to be wedding clients, Megan and Joseph, on a little engagement shoot out here in the Pioneer Valley today. They were good enough to come out from north central Massachusetts to my neck of the woods, and we had a fine afternoon in Shelburne Falls, Conway and Deerfield, including a quick stop at the Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge, one of my favorite locations in this area. 

These images were shot on digital. I’ll be developing and scanning the film I shot on this session over the next few days and will make another post with the best of those photos.

Thanks very much to both Megan and Joseph for making the trip, and for being thoroughly lovely company and excellent subjects! Megan’s ‘2nd wedding dress’ was a big hit and they both received heartfelt congratulations on their impending nuptials from numerous passerby’s in Shelburne Falls and on the bridge as well!!!!

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