Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) at The Common School

We met Ben and Katherine at Whetstone Station  during our weekly family night out in Brattleboro, Vt. Whetstone has been our venue of choice as it  has good grub and drinks, outdoor seating with a fabulous view, and close to the mighty  VCP  where we pay Josh a visit before heading over. Whetstone also gets a good crowd on a Sunday night, and we’ve met some nice people during our outings to this establishment, none nicer or more fun then Ben and Katherine who, as it turns out, is the duo behind Mister G , the nom de plume for Ben Gundersheimer, a Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, author, activist and educator. He is also a Philly native, so we had plenty to talk about. Katherine, a writer and former professor at Holyoke Community College and Westfield State University, performs in the band and manages the busy back end of their musical and social mission. We became fast friends and wound up staying well past our usual Whetstone departure time. Our daughter Amelia also formed a strong bond with Katherine, and she effortlessly entertained her while we all quaffed some beers (Not Amelia, of course, She was busy quaffing ginger ale.) Our timing was also good as Mister G was set to play at The Common School in Amherst on Halloween, and as ever I was armed with cameras. 

The following shots were taken during a rousing set that entertained every kid in the Valley (and their parents.)  In the band on this day were Ben, Katherine (AKA Missus G), Marcos Carreras, and Kayla Staley.

Amy and I are both looking forward to our next outing with our new friends.

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