1. Lomo LC-A Series: Brattleboro in B&W

    05 Mar 2020
    From the vault As a Photographer,  I find great joy in exploring new area, always with camera(s) in hand.   This day, I found myself exploring Brattleboro Vt.    I loved the various scenes I came across.  Here are a two of the photos I shot on film while walking around this…

  2. Lomo LC-A Series: Bostelle’s studio

    02 Mar 2020
    Along the Brandywine River in Chester County, Pa About Tom Bostelle: Bostelle’s works are in the permanent collections of the Delaware Art Museum, the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester University and hundreds of private collections around the world. His portrait of famed American artist Horace Pippin hangs in the…

  3. Josh Farr at the VCP

    28 Feb 2020
    From the vault (autumn of 2016.) Josh is the curator and overlord of the VCP, the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, Vermont. In a short time, he has become a friend and a good natured photographic subject as well. He easy going nature makes it easy for me to…

  4. Jon Redmond in Massachusetts

    17 Feb 2020
    From the vault. (Separate sessions in 2014, 15 and 17.) I’ve known the artist Jon Redmond since 1986 when we both lived in West Chester, Pa. He sold me my first bike, which I promptly wrecked while riding down West Chester Pike  (a bad idea to begin with). We’ve been…

  5. A portrait session with Dr. Ashlie.

    14 Feb 2020
    From the vault. (January of 2016.) When Dr. Ashlie isn’t saving lives as a surgical oncologist, she slums it with me on photo shoots. She’s actually a terrific model, and in the event the medicine thing not work out for her, she could have a real future… I adore Dr.…

  6. Dan Weeks on Mt. Monadnock

    13 Feb 2020
    From the vault. (Summer 2016.) I met Daniel Weeks on the way down (and then back up!) Mt. Monadnock. He ran for Executive Council in District 5 here in New Hampshire, and as luck would have it, our politics line up nicely. As further luck would  have it, I always…

  7. Daughter Series: Amelia at the zoo.

    09 Feb 2020
    From the vault (circa Autumn, 2016.) At Look Memorial Park, Northampton, Massachusetts.

  8. Daughter Series: Amelia at Look Park

    02 Feb 2020
    From the vault (summer 2017.) As a photographer,  I have a vital role chronicling once-in-a-lifetime events for my clients. In addition to my professional duties, I spend a good deal of time visually documenting the day-to-day moments in my daughter’s life, and consider this an important part of my role…

  9. Philadelphia musician Erica Corbo

    30 Jan 2020
    From the vault. (Images from multiple portrait sessions in 2015.) From multiple sessions with the Philadelphia based multi-instumenalist, Erica Corbo.  Erica is the real deal. A genuine musical badass, and easily my favorite ‘fashion’ model, Erica and I met through mutual friend Dena Epstein of Lather Hair Salon. Dena is…

  10. A most remarkable man.

    29 Jan 2020
    From the vault (Summer 2016.) Driving through the beautiful countryside of southern Vermont one fine afternoon, I came upon the figure of one Eshagh E. Shaoul of Putney, VT. He was in full cycling garb and broken down on the side of the road. Having both the space in my…

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