1. Philadelphia on film

    26 Jan 2020
    From the vault I was born at St. Agnes Hospital in May of 1967. After a few years living in South Philadelphia, my family moved to West Philly (Overbrook Park, when it was still a nice place to live) and I spent the rest of my formative years living in…

  2. Daughter Series: Amelia at the park.

    19 Jan 2020
    From the vault In Chesterfield, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2018. These images were taken a few years ago at a playground in Chesterfield, NH.  Here I have documented just a few photos of Amelia at the Park. It’s just a quick little addition to my personal blog I call…

  3. Portrait session with Thom Pollard

    14 Jan 2020
    It was an absolute honor to photograph the amazing Thom Pollard during an extended session in Jackson, NH during the winter of 2020. Thom is  an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films…

  4. Immediate Family.

    12 Jan 2020
    From the vault. The three of us at home in Leeds, Massachusetts, summer of 2018.

  5. Daughter Series: Amelia’s Last Day in Keene

    07 Jan 2020
    From the vault. One of the handful of photos I took of  Ameila on her last day in Keene NH.   (This would have been in late June of 2017.) If you would like to see more from my personal “Daughter Series”-  Check out Amelia at Look Park.  I encourage all…

  6. Keene, New Hampshire

    05 Jan 2020
    From the vault These images were shot on various film cameras during Autumn and Winter of 2016/17 in Keene, New Hampshire. We relocated to southern New Hampshire after 6 years in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. It was time for a major change, and relocating to New England was the…

  7. The New Hampshire coast

    01 Jan 2020
    From the vault Coastal New Hampshire is one of my favorite spots on the map. My good friends Bill and Ann Nutter live in Hampton Beach, and are nice enough to let us stay at their beautiful home whenever we’re in the area. I’ve been traveling back and forth to…

  8. Portrait session with Josh Simpson

    18 Apr 2018
    I had the great fortune to photograph master glass artist Josh Simpson at his studio outside Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. His work includes brightly-colored imaginary planets, vessels and sculptural work inspired by astrophysics, deep space, the cosmos, nature, the sky, engineering and everything related to aviation. His work has been exhibited…

  9. Tara Dente live in Brattleboro, Vt.

    06 Jan 2017
    I love photographing musicians. Having spent a couple decades on a drum throne in numerous bands, I a particularly fond of original musicians who fight the good fight every day trying to get their art out there to the world. I understand the sacrifice I became friends with Tara Dente…

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