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  1. Impromptu portrait session with Danny Clinch

    02 Jan 2022

    In all my years of traveling through the state of New Jersey, I had never visited Asbury Park. I was a modest Springsteen fan, but not enough to consider a pilgrimage.  My summers as a child were spent along the shore in Brigantine, but we never travelled very far up…

  2. Portrait session with Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer)

    06 Dec 2021

    It was my great pleasure to photograph the wonderful Mister G. (Ben Gundersheimer) on location at his home in Whately, Massachusetts.  Mister G. is a Latin Grammy musician, author, and educator. He has released ten award-winning albums of original music for children and families, including four bilingual (Spanish/English). His 2015…

  3. Portrait session with Joe Henry

    22 Nov 2021

    Joe Henry is a revelation. It was my great pleasure to travel to Portland, Me. where he kindly made some time for me to make some portraits before and during his soundcheck at One Longfellow Square.  Joe Henry is unquestionably one of the major forces in modern American music, even…

  4. Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) at The Common School

    01 Nov 2021

    We met Ben and Katherine at Whetstone Station  during our weekly family night out in Brattleboro, Vt. Whetstone has been our venue of choice as it  has good grub and drinks, outdoor seating with a fabulous view, and close to the mighty  VCP  where we pay Josh a visit before…

  5. Portrait session with Mike Edison

    03 Aug 2021

    I had the immense  pleasure to photograph author, musician, and raconteur  Mike Edison on location at his home in the pussy-Catskills last week. Mike and his über-talented wife Christine have settled in Sullivan Cty., NY after a lifetime in NYC, and were kind enough to let me come down and…

  6. Portrait session with the Katz family, pt 2.

    11 May 2021

    Another round of shots with the lovely (and talented) Katz family of Haydenville, Mass. Shot on film and digital, Stephen and his son Olin have quickly become favorite subjects of mine. For more information on Stephen, go here:   And my earlier session with the Katz family is here.

  7. Portrait session with Mark Schwaber, pt2

    09 Mar 2021

    Another session with Greenfield based musician Mark Schwaber. Images shot on film and digital.  Photographed once again in Greenfield, Mass. To see my first session with Mark, go here.

  8. Portrait session with Stephen Katz (and family.)

    15 Jan 2021

    I met up with Stephen Katz while on a walk with our dog Violet. He lives in a way-cool house just off the trail where I like to go on walks, and I knew only super interesting people could possibly live there. Turns out I was right. Stephen is a…

  9. Portrait session with Matthew Thornton

    20 Aug 2020

    From the (recent) vault: (November of 2019) I caught Matthew Thornton one night last year at an open mic at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, Massachusetts. To say Matthew is an exception to the open mic rule would be a vast understatement. A multi-instrumentalist with influences that belie his age, his…

  10. Portrait session with Mark Schwaber

    13 Jul 2020

    From the (recent) vault I caught Mark Schwaber at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton and knew I wanted to photograph him. He is a terrific musician with  a long history, a very interesting back-story and a great look. All key ingredients to pique my interest for a shoot. Mark liked the…

  11. Portrait session: Dessa at the City Winery in Boston

    15 Jun 2020

    From the (recent) Vault (November 23rd, 2019.) I first learned of Dessa while driving home one night sometime in the winter of 2018. She was giving an interview for her newly released memoir My Own Devices , and I found myself fully engrossed with the conversation; her wit, insight and…

  12. Philadelphia musician Erica Corbo

    30 Jan 2020

    From the vault. (Images from multiple portrait sessions in 2015.) From multiple sessions with the Philadelphia based multi-instumenalist, Erica Corbo.  Erica is the real deal. A genuine musical badass, and easily my favorite ‘fashion’ model, Erica and I met through mutual friend Dena Epstein of Lather Hair Salon. Dena is…

  13. Tara Dente live in Brattleboro, Vt.

    06 Jan 2017

    I love photographing musicians. Having spent a couple decades on a drum throne in numerous bands, I a particularly fond of original musicians who fight the good fight every day trying to get their art out there to the world. I understand the sacrifice I became friends with Tara Dente…

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