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  1. From the vault: Lockdown portraits at the VCP, Spring 2020

    10 Sep 2021

    Some portraits of Josh, Ethan, and Nate, and Rose photographed on film and digital at the VCP during the lockdown last year. 

  2. Daughter series: photos of Amelia in B&W, at or around our home.

    02 Sep 2021

    Some recent photos of my daughter Amelia, shot at and around our home in western Massachusetts. I used an Olympus Pen F with it’s elaborate B&W controls and an inexpensive TT Artisans 50mm F1.2  for a beautiful look, as well as one shot using my Sigma Merrill DP2.  Other blog…

  3. Portrait session with Mike Edison

    03 Aug 2021

    I had the immense  pleasure to photograph author, musician, and raconteur  Mike Edison on location at his home in the pussy-Catskills last week. Mike and his über-talented wife Christine have settled in Sullivan Cty., NY after a lifetime in NYC, and were kind enough to let me come down and…

  4. Portrait session with the Katz family, pt 2.

    11 May 2021

    Another round of shots with the lovely (and talented) Katz family of Haydenville, Mass. Shot on film and digital, Stephen and his son Olin have quickly become favorite subjects of mine. For more information on Stephen, go here:   And my earlier session with the Katz family is here.

  5. Portrait session with Larry in Wentworth, NH.

    09 May 2021

    I had a great session with Larry in Wentworth, NH. Images shot on film and digital, and used for his social media accounts. More of my portrait work can be seen here.

  6. Portrait session with Bill McKibben

    18 Feb 2021

    I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the author, educator, and environmentalist Bill McKibben at the Rikert Nordic Center in Ripton, Vermont. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. McKibben since reading ‘Long Distance’, his memoir on a year of dedicated Cross Country Skiing, and have subsequently read…

  7. Portrait session with Stephen Katz (and family.)

    15 Jan 2021

    I met up with Stephen Katz while on a walk with our dog Violet. He lives in a way-cool house just off the trail where I like to go on walks, and I knew only super interesting people could possibly live there. Turns out I was right. Stephen is a…

  8. Impromptu portrait session with Chuck at the bridge

    07 Jan 2021

    I met Chuck while out photographing the wintery terrain in and around the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. He was doing a mid-winter ride in full cold weather gear, and he just looked too cool not to photograph Shot on 35mm film at the Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge in Shelburne Falls,…

  9. Portrait session with Thom Pollard, pt2

    20 Nov 2020

    It’s always wonderful to hang out with the great Thom Pollard. And he remains one of my favorite subjects of all time. Thom is  an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films and…

  10. Impromptu portrait session with Freddy from Sewell NJ.

    20 Sep 2020

    Freddy lives across the street from my parents in South Jersey. He just bought a way-cool RV, and just looked too bad-ass not to photograph. Shot on film and digital.

  11. Portrait session with Matthew Thornton

    20 Aug 2020

    From the (recent) vault: (November of 2019) I caught Matthew Thornton one night last year at an open mic at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, Massachusetts. To say Matthew is an exception to the open mic rule would be a vast understatement. A multi-instrumentalist with influences that belie his age, his…

  12. Lomo LC-A Series: Captain Brian Kennedy

    08 Mar 2020

    From the vault. (April 2016.) Awaiting the funeral procession of Captain Brian Kennedy of Malvern, Pa.  The residents of Malvern came out in force to honor the hometown resident killed during a training mishap in Hawaii. Shot on a Lomo 120. He’s another post featuring portraits on a Lomo LC-A.  …

  13. Lomo LC-A Series: Bostelle’s studio

    02 Mar 2020

    Along the Brandywine River in Chester County, Pa About Tom Bostelle: Bostelle’s works are in the permanent collections of the Delaware Art Museum, the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester University and hundreds of private collections around the world. His portrait of famed American artist Horace Pippin hangs in the…

  14. Josh Farr at the VCP

    28 Feb 2020

    From the vault (autumn of 2016.) Josh is the curator and overlord of the VCP, the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, Vermont. In a short time, he has become a friend and a good natured photographic subject as well. He easy going nature makes it easy for me to…

  15. Philadelphia on film

    26 Jan 2020

    From the vault I was born at St. Agnes Hospital in May of 1967. After a few years living in South Philadelphia, my family moved to West Philly (Overbrook Park, when it was still a nice place to live) and I spent the rest of my formative years living in…

  16. Portrait session with Thom Pollard

    14 Jan 2020

    It was an absolute honor to photograph the amazing Thom Pollard during an extended session in Jackson, NH during the winter of 2020. Thom is  an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films…

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