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  1. Portrait session with Deidre Corcoran

    09 Dec 2021

    This was my third portrait session with my friend Deidre Corcoran, a model, photographer, artist, and designer. I adore shooting D, and we have developed a chemistry after a few excellent sessions, either in Western Massachusetts, or recently in Salisbury, Connecticut.

  2. Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) at The Common School

    01 Nov 2021

    We met Ben and Katherine at Whetstone Station  during our weekly family night out in Brattleboro, Vt. Whetstone has been our venue of choice as it  has good grub and drinks, outdoor seating with a fabulous view, and close to the mighty  VCP  where we pay Josh a visit before…

  3. Engagement session with Megan and Joseph in the Pioneer Valley

    04 Oct 2021

    I had a wonderful time with my soon to be wedding clients, Megan and Joseph, on a little engagement shoot out here in the Pioneer Valley today. They were good enough to come out from north central Massachusetts to my neck of the woods, and we had a fine afternoon…

  4. Daughter series: photos of Amelia in B&W, at or around our home.

    02 Sep 2021

    Some recent photos of my daughter Amelia, shot at and around our home in western Massachusetts. I used an Olympus Pen F with it’s elaborate B&W controls and an inexpensive TT Artisans 50mm F1.2  for a beautiful look, as well as one shot using my Sigma Merrill DP2.  Other blog…

  5. Portrait session with the Katz family, pt 2.

    11 May 2021

    Another round of shots with the lovely (and talented) Katz family of Haydenville, Mass. Shot on film and digital, Stephen and his son Olin have quickly become favorite subjects of mine. For more information on Stephen, go here:   And my earlier session with the Katz family is here.

  6. Portrait session with Larry in Wentworth, NH.

    09 May 2021

    I had a great session with Larry in Wentworth, NH. Images shot on film and digital, and used for his social media accounts. More of my portrait work can be seen here.

  7. Portrait session(s) with Dave the mechanic, over the years

    11 Mar 2021

    A collection of images of David Rondina of David’s Auto in Leeds, Massachusetts. David is an excellent and honest mechanic, and an accommodating subject as well. Whenever I’m trying out something new, I always experiment on David. Some more portraits can be seen here.

  8. Portrait session with Mark Schwaber, pt2

    09 Mar 2021

    Another session with Greenfield based musician Mark Schwaber. Images shot on film and digital.  Photographed once again in Greenfield, Mass. To see my first session with Mark, go here.

  9. Portrait session with Stephen Katz (and family.)

    15 Jan 2021

    I met up with Stephen Katz while on a walk with our dog Violet. He lives in a way-cool house just off the trail where I like to go on walks, and I knew only super interesting people could possibly live there. Turns out I was right. Stephen is a…

  10. Impromptu portrait session with Chuck at the bridge

    07 Jan 2021

    I met Chuck while out photographing the wintery terrain in and around the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. He was doing a mid-winter ride in full cold weather gear, and he just looked too cool not to photograph Shot on 35mm film at the Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge in Shelburne Falls,…

  11. Portrait session with Mark Synnott, Jackson, NH.

    21 Nov 2020

    I had the great pleasure of photographing the legendary Mark Synnott at his home in Jackson, NH. I had been trying to arrange a shoot with Mark for a long time, and while he was extremely receptive he is also extraordinarily busy! It all worked out as I was able…

  12. Portrait session with Thom Pollard, pt2

    20 Nov 2020

    It’s always wonderful to hang out with the great Thom Pollard. And he remains one of my favorite subjects of all time. Thom is  an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films and…

  13. Portrait session with the mighty Ted King.

    16 Nov 2020

    After a few months of emails, I finally got the opportunity to photograph the great and mighty Ted King,  former World Tour  cyclist who last rode for the Cannondale-Garmin before retiring from  road racing in 2015 and taking up gravel racing (where he frequently dominates at the largest events.) Ted…

  14. Portrait session with Annie

    22 Oct 2020

    Shots from a recent portrait session with Annie D. in downtown Northampton. Shot on film and digital. To see more of my portrait work go here and here.

  15. Portrait session with Matthew Thornton

    20 Aug 2020

    From the (recent) vault: (November of 2019) I caught Matthew Thornton one night last year at an open mic at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, Massachusetts. To say Matthew is an exception to the open mic rule would be a vast understatement. A multi-instrumentalist with influences that belie his age, his…

  16. Portrait session with Mark Schwaber

    13 Jul 2020

    From the (recent) vault I caught Mark Schwaber at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton and knew I wanted to photograph him. He is a terrific musician with  a long history, a very interesting back-story and a great look. All key ingredients to pique my interest for a shoot. Mark liked the…

  17. Daughter Series: Amelia on the river pt2

    06 Jul 2020

    As in the previous post (Daughter Series: Amelia on the river pt.1) One of the few upsides of the long lockdown has been the added time I’ve been able to spend with my wife and daughter. With everything closed, our options were limited to the natural world that surrounds us.…

  18. Daughter Series: Amelia on the river pt1

    05 Jul 2020

    One of the few upsides of the long lockdown has been the added time I’ve been able to spend with my wife and daughter. With everything closed, our options were limited to the natural world that surrounds us. We are fortunate that  western Massachusetts has an abundance of natural beauty…

  19. Portrait session with author Vincent Panella

    20 Jun 2020

    I was contacted by author Vincent Panella to create some portraits for his book ‘Sicilian Dreams’. Vincent lives in southern Vermont and contacted Josh Farr at the VCP to find someone suitable to take some portraits. Josh was good enough to pass along my info, and Vincent and I hit…

  20. Jon Redmond in Massachusetts

    17 Feb 2020

    From the vault. (Separate sessions in 2014, 15 and 17.) I’ve known the artist Jon Redmond since 1986 when we both lived in West Chester, Pa. He sold me my first bike, which I promptly wrecked while riding down West Chester Pike  (a bad idea to begin with). We’ve been…

  21. Daughter Series: Amelia at the zoo.

    09 Feb 2020

    From the vault (circa Autumn, 2016.) At Look Memorial Park, Northampton, Massachusetts.

  22. Daughter Series: Amelia at Look Park

    02 Feb 2020

    From the vault (summer 2017.) As a photographer,  I have a vital role chronicling once-in-a-lifetime events for my clients. In addition to my professional duties, I spend a good deal of time visually documenting the day-to-day moments in my daughter’s life, and consider this an important part of my role…

  23. Daughter Series: Amelia at the park.

    19 Jan 2020

    From the vault In Chesterfield, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2018. These images were taken a few years ago at a playground in Chesterfield, NH.  Here I have documented just a few photos of Amelia at the Park. It’s just a quick little addition to my personal blog I call…

  24. Portrait session with Thom Pollard

    14 Jan 2020

    It was an absolute honor to photograph the amazing Thom Pollard during an extended session in Jackson, NH during the winter of 2020. Thom is  an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films…

  25. Immediate Family.

    12 Jan 2020

    From the vault. The three of us at home in Leeds, Massachusetts, summer of 2018.

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