Tara Dente

I met Tara through my friend Josh Farr. She is a singer songwriter who needed images for her website and upcoming studio release. Tara needed photos, and I needed to shoot. Josh thought we’d hit it off, and we did so immediately. Tara is a terrific songwriter, and a seriously good subject. I had a blast on two separate occasions driving around southern Vermont looking for suitable locations for our shoots. She has since relocated back to Asbury Park, NJ to actively pursue her career. Great for her, bummer for me. I was looking forward to photographing her on an ongoing basis and catching her playing live at local venues.


Bostelle’s studio

Along the Brandywine River in Chester County, Pa.

About Tom Bostelle:

Bostelle’s works are in the permanent collections of the Delaware Art
Museum, the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester University
and hundreds of private collections around the world. His portrait of famed American artist Horace Pippin hangs in the
National Portrait Gallery. Bostelle quit school at 17 to paint and sculpt full time. In 1947, the
self-taught artist completed the first of his “shadow” paintings that
distorted shadows of people to express emotions, a technique he
explored the rest of his life. Bostelle started his own gallery and studio on the Brandywine Creek in the late 1960’s.

Dan Weeks on Mt. Monadnock

I met Daniel Weeks on the way down (and then back up!) Mt. Monadnock. He ran for Executive Council in District 5 here in New Hampshire, and as luck would have it, our politics line up nicely. As luck would also have it, I always have cameras with me. Square images shot with a Mamiya C-330. Digital shots on a Sigma Merrill DP2. Yes, I haul a TLR camera (along with other cameras) with me on all my hikes. Just in case I run into a political candidate whose views I agree with.


Josh Farr at the VCP

Josh is the curator and overlord of the VCP, the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, Vermont. In a short time, he has become a friend and a good natured photographic subject as well. He easy going nature makes it easy for me to drag him outside at a moments notice to experiment with different cameras and practice my craft. He is also a fine photographer and thoroughly decent young man.

Here are some shots using a Mamiya C330 and Sigma Merrill DP2.



Using Format