1. Amelia at Look Park.

    Date 11 Aug 2017

  2. Amelia on her last day in Keene, NH.

    Date 09 Aug 2017

  3. Immediate Family.

    Date 07 Aug 2017
    The three of us. At home in Leeds, Massachusetts.

  4. Amelia at the park.

    Date 02 Aug 2017
    In Chesterfield, Massachusetts.

  5. Rebel Base.

    Date 25 Jul 2017
    The duo, Rebel Base, out of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Photographed at The Root Cellar, also in Greenfield.

  6. Amelia at the zoo.

    Date 24 Jul 2017
    At Look Memorial Park, Northampton, Massachusetts.

  7. Contemplation.

    Date 24 Jul 2017
    In Look Park, Northampton, Massachusetts.

  8. Amelia, free climbing.

    Date 24 Jul 2017
    With a little help from her mother.

  9. Rusty, running.

    Date 14 Jul 2017
    Rusty in action.  Northampton, Massachusetts.

  10. Kyrie Weiss.

    Date 04 Jul 2017

  11. Pastor Rick.

    Date 04 Jul 2017
    Pastor Rick from Erin and Hugo’s wedding at the Ragged Point Inn, Ragged Point, Ca.

  12. Zack from Brewtopia, Keene, NH.

    Date 02 Jul 2017
    “Mmmmmmm….beer.” ~Homer J. Simpson

  13. Amy’s new do.

    Date 02 Jul 2017
    Grooming the new do.

  14. Before and after.

    Date 01 Jul 2017
    In Keene, NH.

  15. A most remarkable man.

    Date 30 Jun 2017
    With Eshagh E. Shaoul in Putney, VT.

  16. Hugo and Erin on film, pt1.

    Date 26 Jun 2017
    Hugo and Erin’s wedding at The Ragged Point Inn, Ragged Point, California. Shot on a Lomo LC-A with B&W film.

  17. Tara Dente live in Brattleboro, Vt.

    Date 25 Jun 2017
    The amazing and lovely and talented Tara Dente live in Brattleboro.

  18. Bryan from Granite Roots Brewery.

    Date 17 Jun 2017
    Bryan the brewer from the excellent Granite Roots Brewery in Troy, New Hampshire. 

  19. The Alchemist Brewery in Waterbury, Vt.

    Date 15 Jun 2017
    Thanks to John and Jen Kimmich for allowing me to shoot at their amazing (and world famous) brewery in Waterbury, Vermont.

  20. Fire in downtown Keene, New Hampshire.

    Date 07 Jun 2017
    Shot on medium format film and digital pinhole.

  21. At the playground.

    Date 06 Jun 2017
    On one of our last days in Keene, NH.

  22. Strut.

    Date 18 May 2017
    Amelia in Surry, NH.

  23. Hugo and Erin get married.

    Date 18 May 2017
    At the Ragged Point Inn, Ragged Point, Ca. Shot on a lomo lc-a. Filmfilmfilmfilmfilmblahblahblah. Click to enlarge.

  24. Rio Del Mar, Ca.

    Date 18 May 2017
    Shot on a Lomo lc-a. Click to enlarge 

  25. Nick of Rio Del Mar, Ca.

    Date 18 May 2017
    I met Nick while shooting on my last day in California. Super nice kid doing his thing in Rio Del Mar.  Shot on a Lomo lc-a and a Sony A6000 with a Sigma adaptor and a Canon 24mm T/S-E.  As always, click on photos to enlarge.

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